Welcome to the website of the High Sheriff of Rutland

I hope that you will find it useful to learn more about the historic role of the High Sheriff, the oldest continuous secular office in the United Kingdom after the Crown, and how it is being carried out in Rutland today.  

The High Sheriff is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to represent her in the County of Rutland in matters relating to law and order. In practice, this means supporting the police, judges, magistrates, coroners, prison and probation services, the armed forces, emergency services and the wide range of other public and voluntary sector and community services that contribute towards making Rutland a safe, vibrant and caring place in which to live and work.

I’m very much looking forward to visiting, learning about and promoting many of these amazing organisations. It is through the tireless work of both the employed and many volunteers that our community is able to thrive. In Rutland, as with many counties, there are those that need additional support due to illness, disability, homelessness, unemployment, crime, childhood trauma, domestic abuse and other reasons. Additionally, I intend to find out more about those organisations who enhance our ‘quality of life’ through activities such as elderly lunch clubs, toddler play groups, accessible sports and arts. Most work in ways that prevent more expensive intervention later.

All funds raised during my year in office will be directed to the High Sheriff of Rutland Fund, managed by the Leicestershire and Rutland Community Foundation. At the end of my shrieval year, I will share these funds with local charitable and voluntary groups in Rutland, especially those who support crime prevention and the needs of disadvantaged children and young people.

I very much look forward to using this website to keep you posted on activities and experiences that I have during the year.

Margaret Miles, High Sheriff of Rutland

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